Wildlife on our smallholding

Various species of plants and animals have been observed or heard on our holding. We have been lucky enough to photograph some of them, but some just briefly seen or heard. After dark tawny and barn owls are frequently heard, barn owls often seen flying in and out of our old barn.


The following list includes birds seen or heard here during recent years, some have been regulars, others rarely or just on one ocassion.

  • Blackbird; Thrushes – Song and Mistle thrush; Fieldfare; Redwing; Ring Ouzel
  • Robin; House and hedge sparrow; Chaffinch; Bullfinch; Greenfinch; Yellow hammer
  • Green woodpecker; Greater Spotted woodpecker;
  • Blue tit; Great tit; Long tailed tit
  • Jackdaw; Carrion crow; Rook; Jay; Magpie; Raven
  • Swallow
  • Cuckoo;
  • Wren
  • Heron; Great White Egret; Moorhen; Pink footed goose; Canada goose
  • Barn owl; Tawny owl; Kestrel; Sparrow hawk; Buzzard; Red Kite
  • Pheasant; Partridge; Wood pigeon; Stock dove; Collared dove.

All the pictures below were taken here on our smallholding

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