Fields and Hillside

Wildlife; Rare breed Sheep; Holiday Cottage; Crafts

We are a smallholding in East Lincolnshire. We enjoy maintaining and creating habitats for wildlife. We keep a small flock of sheep and 4 angora goats for conservation grazing.

The fleeces from the sheep and goats have been processed, blended and used for spinning and weaving. The last few years have seen greatly increasing interest in spinning, knitting and weaving, particularly using fleece from rare and native breeds. We are in the process of setting up methods of selling yarns, rovings and rugs online via Folksy, Etsy and an online shop. We will hopefully this year be able to safely attend craft fairs.

We have a dog friendly holiday cottage, which has so far been very successful. This is currently managed by an agency. Visitors to the cottage have commented very favourably on the quality of the accommodation and also on the pleasant surroundings and local area.