Jake and Juniper

Fibre and yarn from angora goats, rare and native breed sheep.

Fibre and yarn from angora goats, rare and native breed sheep.

Angora Goats

Beautiful mohair fleeces, yarns and blends.

Washed Mohair

Washed and uncarded mohair. Soft and good to blend with other fibre. Takes dye beautifully.

Angora goats

Goats ready for September shearing.

Woven hanging

A tapestry woven hanging combing various blends of Boreray, Hebridean, Kerry hill and Mohair fleece. I started tapestry weaving a few years back and find it absorbing and relaxing. Using different combinations of fibres from my own flock is particularly satisfying.

Raw Mohair

Raw mohair

Mohair/Kerry Hill blend roving

Beautiful lustre, 50/50 blend of mohair and kerry hill fibre, washed and carded.

Kerry Hill Yarn

Samples of Kerry Hill DK yarn showing stitch definition.

Boreray / Hebridean blend

Carded boreray/hebridean blend, and the same spun. This blend has been very versatile, either for peg loomed rug or spun and plyed for a variety of projects.

Pure Kerry Hill DK Yarn Blue

Kerry Hill /Mohair Blend DK Red
Pure Kerry Hill Natural DK Yarn
Boreray Lopi
Mohair/Kerry Hill Roving
Mohair Kerry Hill Roving

Hebridean / Boreray Roving

Mohair / Kerry Hill DK Yarn

Mohair /Kerry Hill Roving

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